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What can art do

What Can Art Do? Question Answered

I revisited this video that I stumbled upon some time last year. I don’t recall how I came across it, but remember sending it to a close friend, a very talented poet and artist, and she wrote me back an eloquent ‘essay’ on what art can do and has done for her.

Lemn Sissay Speech

This made a very big impression on me and was when I started to question why I am doing art and what for? What brought me here? I was supposed to write a ‘What Can Art Do?’ back but I never did. I gave it a shot this morning, in kind of a stream~of~consciousness dramatic way.

What Can Art Do?

Art can teach you about yourself and others.
Art can expose your weaknesses.
Art can help you overcome your fears.
Art can make you feel naked and vulnerable.
Art can give you strength.

Art can be a mirror, a mask, or a veil.
Art can force you to look at yourself.
Art can show you who you are, and can change who you are.

Art can be your enemy, your lover, your friend.
Art can suck the life out of you and drain you.
Art can isolate you and tear you down.
Art can feed, starve, and consume you, all at the same time.

Art can find you suspended in time and space.
Art can help you see, feel, and think.

Art can inspire you to create something out of nothing.
Art can give you life, outlive you, and prove you existed.
Art can give meaning and provide purpose in your life.
Art can make an impact in the lives of others.

Art can comfort you in times of need.
Art can pull you out of the gutter.
Art can make you realize you are not alone.
Art can heal you and help you to forgive and love again.
Art can be the one gift left you can give.
Art can bring people together.

Art can move you and render you speechless.
Art can give you a vision and a voice.
Art can see beyond imperfections and free you.
Art can remind you of what is important in life
and, art…
Art can help you define it.



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