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The sendoff. With my daughter, getting ready for school is a piece of cake and a joy with plenty of time for breakfast, hairdos, talking, taking cute pictures, and a sendoff hug and kiss. Quite the opposite with her brother who is in high school. Try as I might, he just won’t get up to allow for a reasonable amount of time for a human to get ready…and there are absolutely no niceties in the morning. If I even dare try to kiss or hug him goodbye I have to be ready to use my defensive tackle skills.

I might even consider protective gear in the morning. Every day my daughter looks for me from the bus on the way back down the street on second passing. I have to be standing there waving as part of ‘the ritual’. Today I started cleaning up after she got on the bus instead of waiting. I hear the bus on its way back but am nowhere near the door. I stub my toe on the chair that trips me catapulting my body closer to the door but not quite to it. Undefeatedly, I get back into an upright position and make it to the door in time, waving and smiling profusely. Of course, totally worth it!

Now I need copious amounts of coffee and a chiropractor.

Once the sendoff is accomplished I enjoy the quiet time. I finished a painting I have been working on this week. This is on a 36 x 24 x 3/4″ stretched canvas begun over the weekend as an experimental spray painting in my garage, and ending up a completed acrylic painting in my house.

Hearts So White |Mary Claire | Acrylic on canvas | 36 x 24 x 3/4″

Hearts So White

Hearts once void
Of hue, so white.
No identity could
I find.
I drew lines
rendering you
I got lost
painting my
Wilderness in
Pink, purple,
and blue.
To awaken
The woman
In me and
Welcome you.



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