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All of May

May is Lupus Awareness Month. My sister and I both have lupus and I have a few friends who are afflicted with this illness. Since being diagnosed I’ve lost my hair, my energy, and my mind, but not my spirit. It doesn’t just affect me, it has an impact on the whole family, and on friends. I watched my sister suffer for years not being properly diagnosed. I’m honestly still learning a lot about lupus myself and would like to raise awareness as much as I can.

Did you know Julian Lennon is the Lupus Foundation of America Global Ambassador? Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds…Omg I just found this out…now?!! COME. ON.

Check it out!

Help Me Raise Awareness

Head on over to lupus.org where you can sign the petition to urge Congress to fund more lupus research.

Wear purple with me on Friday, May 17th!

Read the Lupus Fact Sheet or the Lupus Facts of the Day Sheet.

I’m joining @Lupus Foundation of America to help solve the cruel mystery of lupus. Learn more at lupus.org/awareness [Tweet this]



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