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My Favorite TED Talks on Creativity

Here are five great speeches about the creative process, creative blocks and how to overcome them, creative thinking, and creativity in general. I hope you enjoy them.

How a Boy Became an Artist: Jarrett J. Krosoczka

I cried and laughed and agreed and related and celebrated listening to this artist tell his story. This is truly a gem among TED talks.


Creativity Under Pressure: Todd Henry

This is helpful to identify where you may be stuck in the creative process and how to adjust accordingly.


Seven Steps of Creative Thinking: Raphael DiLuzio

Really interesting, take note of these seven steps. Observing what step you are on in the creative process may help to lessen your anxiety about it.


4 Lessons in Creativity: Julie Burstein

Four aspects of life we need to embrace for our creativity to flourish.


Embrace The Shake: Phil Hansen

On creative blocks, embracing your limitations, and letting go of imperfections..absolutely inspiring.



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