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Heart of Buffalo

Community Canvases

Community Canvases is a Public Art and Community Development initiative seeking to create and promote public art and beautification projects that will draw artists, communities and neighborhoods together throughout Western New York.

A big thank you to Alex Cornwell, Jim Montour, Delaware District Council Member Michael J. LoCurto, the Buffalo Art Commission, the Elmwood Village, and everyone involved in the project!

The Heart of Buffalo Step by Step

I started today (Saturday morning) at around 11 am after stopping into the Elmwood Village Association where we were greeted by Jim Montour, co-founder and president of Community Canvases. I picked up my Community Canvases t-shirt and headed to my signal box on the corner of Elmwood Ave. and W. Delavan.

What a wonderful day of painting I had! Such a great opportunity to display public art. Not only did I get to paint all day, but interacting with the people in the neighborhood was a priceless experience. People were very supportive all day and as an artist, I really appreciate that so much. Loved the thumbs up, beeps, waves, thank yous, interviews, taking photos with everyone. It was a full, fun day, and gorgeous weather we did have! Everyone was out enjoying it. This truly is the heart of Buffalo.

Elmwood and W. DelavanI packed it up at around 7 pm with about 90% of it done. I have to go back and put the finishing touches on it, paint the back, the handle, and around the signal button.

There are 12 other amazing artists doing signal boxes up and down Elmwood Avenue and will be out in forces tomorrow! I’m looking forward to seeing them all myself!


Community Canvases facebook page
Elmwood Village Association



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