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It Takes A Village

That’s me (third from the left) a year ago at my first solo art show. The women surrounding me are a few of my mentors and friends. They inspire me to keep moving forward, especially in my art career, give me advice, and they show up in my life when I need them.

When you are an artist it is very easy to feel isolated, isn’t it? It’s up to YOU to get out (from behind the easel, or the laptop) and make friends with people who know exactly what you are going through, and more importantly, who WANT to see you succeed and will uplift you.

Three Reasons To Surround Yourself With Positive People

1. You are not an island and you need other people.

Your support may not be your best friend or family. Don’t be upset if they don’t ‘get you’, your art, business, or your dream. Just get connected with like-minded people, make new friends, and find YOUR tribe..this can be online and offline, or as they say “IRL” in real life.

2. Attracting positive people into your life helps you find more value in yourself and in turn, others.

You are who you hang out with. (I tell that to my teenage son all of the time!) Choose wisely.

3. You must have belief in yourself and your dream and be passionate about it.

The right friends will appear, ones who will be there during the ebbs and the flows.

There is ebb and flow. Leaving and coming. Flight and fall. Sing and silent. Reaching and reached.

-Ally Condie

You Will Struggle

But remember we all do, as artists, as people.  As a late-bloomer who turned 40 this year, I never thought I’d be creating art at this stage in my life. I’m grateful and fortunate.

I made one decision to continue to make art no matter what was happening in my personal life. Looking back at the last year from the time the above photo was taken, my son had been in and out of hospitals and rehabs, I was diagnosed with lupus, and I also have a young daughter to take care of at home. Family will always come first.  Being healthy enough to take care of the family became a priority.  When you are down, if you have chosen well, people will surround you with love, kindness, and understanding.  Those are the people who are there for you when you get back up as well.

Here’s to all of the artists, all of the new friends I have made, and to all of the people including family who have supported and encouraged me along the way. Thank you!

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